Would you like an "I Love My Library" sticker?

Show off your support for libraries with an "I Love My Library" sticker and support libraries at the ballot box during vote libraries month!

Making a $1, $3, or $5 donation to the Vote Libraries Campaign allows us to reach 1,000 voters for every dollar that we raise in order to ask them to pledge to vote yes for libraries and for politicians who support libraries and if you donate just $5 or start a monthly donation of $1 today, we'll send you an "I Love My Library" vinyl sticker.

This kind of support is critical because we often see local elected officials try to defund their local library like we saw in places like Mary Esther, Florida or Atlanta, Georgia. It's also important because we are seeing large and well-funded organizations like the Koch Brothers funded Super-PAC (Americans for Prosperity) spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to sway voters from supporting libraries. If these politicians and billionaires succeed in their desire to shut down libraries then communities who depend on their local library in times of crisis (like we saw in Ferguson Missouri) will forever lose access to these important institutions.

It doesn't take much to help us fight for libraries. In fact, for every dollar we raise, we are able to help return over $1,600 in funding to libraries and over the last 6 years we've helped libraries earn about 1.6 billion dollars in funding through our political support for libraries. That makes contributions to EveryLibrary one of the most efficient and effective ways to support libraries in the United States and you know you can trust that we put your donations to work because we are a gold-rated 501c4 non-profit. That's why we're asking you to help us support communities and libraries by starting a $1 per month or a $5 one-time donation today.

If you make a one-time donation of at least $5 or start a monthly donation of one dollar or more today, we’ll send you a vinyl sticker with our very popular “I Love My Library” design that you can proudly display on your bumper, computer, or anywhere else to show your support for libraries.

Vote Libraries Month is a national voter engagement and education campaign from EveryLibrary designed to reach Americans from all walks of life who care about libraries - and who vote. We need your help reaching more people with a crucial message this November: if we want libraries to keep their doors open and continue to serve their communities, we need voters to vote yes for libraries and we need to vote for politicians that support them. Can you help us reach more Americans with this message by making a donation today?

Over 90% of library funding comes from the will of the local voters and the local politicians. That’s why we're asking voters in the United States to pledge to vote for libraries and to elect leaders who support libraries. Without these voters, we will lose these incredible institutions that help millions of Americans get ahead every single day.

You can read more about EveryLibrary's work in our Annual Report or visit our full website at EveryLibrary.org

As a 501(c)4 organization, contributions to EveryLibrary are not tax deductible. However, if you'd like to make a larger tax-deductible donation to the EveryLibrary Institute (our 501c3), please let us know at [email protected]

You may donate by check or money order (US Funds only) made out to:

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EveryLibrary is a registered 501(c)4 organization (FEIN 46-1534149). We invite you to check up on us before donating by finding out more about us on Guidestar, the most trusted guide to non-profits on the Internet.