Find out more about National Vote Libraries Month

Would you like an "I Love My Library" sticker?

Making a $1, $3, or $5 donation to the Vote Libraries Campaign allows us to reach 1,000 voters for every dollar that we raise in order to ask them to pledge to vote yes for libraries and for politicians who support libraries and if you donate just $5 or start a monthly donation of $1 today, we'll send you an "I Love My Library" vinyl sticker.

Vote Libraries Because Library Funding is At Stake

This November, we are at work in 10 towns, cities, and counties as they campaign for critically needed local library funding. Over $136 million in stable operating funds and building projects are at stake for these libraries.

Vote Libraries Month Because You Care About Libraries

I know you care a lot about libraries. Certainly more than the average American. I am glad that you aware and activated. And I’m proud that EveryLibrary can help you put your beliefs into action. We too care about our country and know that libraries are a critical part of our schools, communities, and campuses.

Vote Library Month Helps Libraries Like Christian County Win Its Campaign!

You might remember the Christian County Library Campaign because we fought back against the illegal tactics used by the opposition. Many people like you responded with donations to help us fight back, allowing us to spend hundreds of dollars on educating the local voters about the importance of libraries and setting the record straight against that untruthful flyer that was illegally put in area mailboxes.

Vote Libraries Is About Keeping Library Doors Open Like Mary Esther, Florida

In July of 2017, the City Council members discussed the possibility of permanently closing the Mary Esther Public Library and denying the residents access to important informational and educational resources as a means to balance the budget. Luckily, thanks to your support and from supporters like you we were able to fight back and keep the library's doors open.


Vote Libraries Month is For Libraries Like Macon-Bibb

Some libraries are threatened by the local politicians like we saw in Macon-Bibb Georgia.

We began working with the leadership at MGRL in late June when we found out that the County Commissioners in Macon were threatening the Macon Libraries with the potential closure of 3 branches in the library system.

Thanks to our supporters and donors we were able to quickly build a petition campaign on our action platform that allowed concerned community members to contact the commissioners to express their concern about the loss of the libraries. But we could have done more with more support from people like you!

Vote Libraries Month is for Libraries Like Ferguson

As a national 501c4, we support libraries on their election days. In fact, in the last six years we’ve worked with over 80 libraries and helped them earn over 1.6 billion dollars in stable funding so that they could keep their doors open and continue to provide services to their communities. We are proud of all of these campaigns, but a few stand out. Especially our success in Ferguson Missouri earlier this year.

What is EveryLibrary?

When we started EveryLibrary, our mission was clear and unique in the library advocacy space: build voter support for libraries. Since 2013, we have worked with over 84 libraries to fight the good fight for funding on their Election Days and we have supported dozens of other libraries through our petitions and political action.

Why Is Vote Libraries Month Needed?

Over 90% of public library funding comes from the will of the local voters and the local politicians. That's why EveryLibrary, the first and only national political action committee for libraries, is launching Vote Libraries 2018 in October to highlight the importance of voting Yes for libraries on the ballot and for candidates who care about library funding.