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Join us for Vote Libraries Month Throughout October!

Over 90% of public library funding comes from the will of the local voters and the local politicians. That's why EveryLibrary, the first and only national political action committee for libraries, is launching Vote Libraries 2018 in October to highlight the importance of voting Yes for libraries on the ballot and for candidates who care about library funding. Vote Libraries 2018 is a national marketing campaign designed to reach more Americans who believe in libraries and ask them to take the Pledge to Vote Libraries prior to the November elections. In dozens of communities, a library's local funding is on the ballot. Across the country, this election will set the direction for local, state, and national library funding by our elected officials. How you vote this November matters to the future of library funding. That's why we're asking you to sign the pledge to vote for libraries and for politicians who support libraries.

At EveryLibrary, we want children to have access to great books and literature or opportunities to learn to love reading and literacy. We need to ensure that libraries have the funding they need to continue to serve their communities. Without libraries, we deny people access to tools needed for career skills, tools to start new businesses, or to simply get ahead in life. We need to stand together to vote for libraries and to vote for politicians who support libraries. Libraries are crucial to American communities and the livelihood of millions of Americans every single day. Vote Libraries month encourages us to stand together to support libraries so we do not lose them.

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to vote yes for libraries in the United States!

EveryLibrary is the first and only national library organization that fights for libraries at the local level. As a national PAC for libraries, we have supported dozens of libraries on their Election Days, we fight against campaigns to close libraries, and we help libraries keep their doors open. Over the last 6 years we’ve helped 84 libraries on their election days and we have 14 more on the ballot this November. We have helped dozens of school libraries and public libraries keep their doors open, and we’ve helped libraries secure over $1.6 billion dollars in stable tax funding so they can continue to provide services to their communities. If we want libraries exist into the future, we need to work together to show that Americans support and love their local libraries, and we need to elect politicians who support libraries too. 

There are many ways to support and get involved in National Vote Libraries Month!
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This year, we know that libraries will be a crucial part of Election Days in November. We estimate that there will be over 75 libraries in small towns and big cities across the country who are asking the voters for support. There are also thousands of local elections for town boards, county commissioners, and city councils who make local decisions about library funding. And, of course, there are hundreds of state and federal elections for political leaders of all kinds who may have a hand in writing legislation that supports libraries or making decisions about state and federal funding for libraries.

It’s easy to get involved in this campaign or show that you’re willing to vote for libraries in the United States. First, simply sign the pledge to vote for libraries and politicians who support libraries. Then spread the word with the #votelibraries hashtag and let people know why you’re supporting libraries this election season. You can also add a badge to your profile pictures and headers on social media accounts. You can download any of over 100 free #votelibraries images from our Flickr account that encourage people to sign the pledge for libraries. Finally, you can help us fund this national campaign by making a one time donation of $25-$50 or help us continue this work all year long by starting a $1, $3, or $5 monthly donation. Everyone who makes a contribution will receive an “I Love My Library” bumper sticker!

A donation of $25-$50 supports national Vote Libraries Month!

Please join us for this month of Vote Libraries action! Start now by taking a moment to sign and share the pledge to vote for libraries and encourage your friends and family to do the same. The more Americans who make that pledge, the more support we have for our nation’s libraries.