Vote Libraries Month is for Libraries Like Ferguson

Your support helps us fight for libraries Like Ferguson Missouri so they can continue to support their communities.

As a national 501c4, we support libraries on their election days. In fact, in the last six years we’ve worked with over 80 libraries and helped them earn over 1.6 billion dollars in stable funding so that they could keep their doors open and continue to provide services to their communities. We are proud of all of these campaigns, but a few stand out. Especially our success in Ferguson Missouri earlier this year.

Following the unrest in 2014, the Ferguson Library received substantial charitable donations from people around the world that were used to immediately address shortfalls in library programs and services and to do some very needed repairs. Library Director, Scott Bonner, and the board budgeted those one-time donations wisely, but they were going to run out by 2019. If this levy had failed, the library would have to cut back on everything it was doing since the riots to rebuild, renew, and grow the community. Passing this new levy meant bringing stability to the library’s budget and add real capacity to their work serving their entire community.

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Thanks to donations from people like you we were able to provide significant support to this library. Our executive Director, John Chraskta, traveled to Ferguson several times to help the board and staff plan and evaluate their ‘path to the ballot’. We got to work personally with the Yes Committee to help shape their voter engagement approach. EveryLibrary spent hundreds of dollars on social media and digital ads that gave voters a brighter vision of a library of the future in Ferguson. Then the hard working local ballot committee and amazing staff in the library engaged the community and local voters on the ground to educate and identify them and turn them out on election day.

We are very happy that thanks to support from people like you, the voters in Ferguson, MO approved new, sustainable levy funding for the Ferguson Municipal Library with a 66% Yes vote! EveryLibrary is proud to have worked closely with director Scott Bonner, his staff team, and their board for over 2 years to help shape the library’s Informational Campaign to Ferguson voters. We are very happy that we could support their strategy and tactics. Passing this levy is a ringing endorsement by the town of Ferguson in support of their library and their own future.

Start a monthly donation of just $1 and we'll send you an "I Love My Library" sticker

Every year we work with dozens of libraries on their election days just like we did in Ferguson. We can only do this work thanks to the support of people like you. That’s why we’re asking you to help us continue this work by doing two things. First, please sign and share the pledge to vote yes for libraries and ask your friends and family to sign and share it too. Second, we are asking you to make a donation of $5 or more to national vote libraries month or start a monthly donation of just $1 a month. If you do, we’ll send you an “I Love My Library” bumper sticker in the mail.

Please help us continue to serve libraries so that libraries can continue to serve their communities. Thank you.