Why Is Vote Libraries Month Needed?

Why do we need to encourage Americans to support their libraries and pledge to vote yes for libraries and politicians who support libraries?

Over 90% of public library funding comes from the will of the local voters and the local politicians. That's why EveryLibrary, the first and only national political action committee for libraries, is launching Vote Libraries 2018 in October to highlight the importance of voting Yes for libraries on the ballot and for candidates who care about library funding.

Vote Libraries Month is a national marketing campaign designed to reach more Americans who believe in libraries and ask them to take the Pledge to Vote Libraries prior to the November elections. In dozens of communities, a library's local funding is on the ballot. Across the country, this election will set the direction for local, state, and national library funding by our elected officials. How you vote this November matters to the future of library funding. That's why we're asking you to sign the pledge to vote for libraries and for politicians who support libraries.

Vote Libraries Month is needed because we’ve seen targeted attacks on our nation’s libraries over the last few years. We fought against national PACs like the Koch Brothers funded Americans For Prosperity, when they encouraged voters to vote against libraries and influenced politicians to defund libraries. We stood up against the Tea Party when they attempted frivolous lawsuitsdesigned to defund libraries across entire states, and introduced legislation that would put professional politicians in charge of libraries. We pushed back when President Trump proposed eliminating all federal funding for libraries and when Kentucky Governor Matt Blevin tried to eliminate all state funding for libraries. We helped save libraries in places like Mary Esther Florida and Macon-Bibb County Georgia when local politicians tried to close them. And we have helped keep school library doors open in places like Oakland and Marin County in California. We are launching Vote Libraries 2018 because we know that if these attacks succeed, children will be denied access to literature and programs, and that adults will be left without access to the resources they need to get ahead in life.

This year, we know that libraries will be a crucial part of Election Days in November. We estimate that there will be over 75 libraries in small towns and big cities across the country who are asking the voters for support. There are also thousands of local elections for town boards, county commissioners, and city councils who make local decisions about library funding. And, of course, there are hundreds of state and federal elections for political leaders of all kinds who may have a hand in writing legislation that supports libraries or making decisions about state and federal funding for libraries.

Sign the pledge
to vote yes for libraries in the United States!

At EveryLibrary, we want children to have access to great books and literature or opportunities to learn to love reading and literacy. We need to ensure that libraries have the funding they need to continue to serve their communities. Without libraries, we deny people access to tools needed for career skills, tools to start new businesses, or to simply get ahead in life. We need to stand together to vote for libraries and to vote for politicians who support libraries. Libraries are crucial to American communities and the livelihood of millions of Americans every single day. Vote Libraries month encourages us to stand together to support libraries so we do not lose them.